New Graduation Decorating Ideas

We don’t mean to brag, but our new graduation decorating ideas are at the top of the class. High achievers. Summa cum fabulous! All kidding aside, our graduation party decorations really are pretty awesome. You’ll love the way they add fun and personality to your graduation party. And they’re so affordable and easy to personalize, you’ll have the entire party planned and decorated in no time.

New this year: guest book prints
These fun poster-sized prints can be hung or laid out somewhere at the party for guests to sign. When the party’s over, they become a fun keepsake of the event.
Graduation decorating ideas

New this year: cupcake flags
Wrap these little stickers around a toothpick, straw or skewer and poke them into your cupcakes or anywhere you like for a spot of color.
Cupcake flags graduation party decorations

New this year: bunting banners
These flag-shaped banners come with twine for hanging and some can be personalized with photos and colors, some you just order as is for quick decorating ideas.
Graduation decorating ideas: bunting banners
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Sequin-Inspired Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation party ideas
Your teen’s graduation is an exciting milestone, not only for the grad but for the whole family, marking their move into a new stage in life. Make the most of the moment with a graduation party filled with personality to match your grad’s. We used our Gold Sequin-Look Trifold Graduation Announcement as the theme for this graduation party, which inspired all of these graduation party ideas from the invitations to the decorations to the menu. Most of the products you see came from Pear Tree GreetingsTarget or a local grocer.

We started with our graduation announcement for inspiration. We bought gold sequins, similar to the invite, and sprinkled them on the tables. (Sequins can be found at a craft store or online.) We also used the colors pink, gold and black to carry the theme throughout all the decorations.
Graduation party ideas

We created a fun treat table where guests could enjoy cupcakes, pink lemonade, candies and sign the guest book print. Notice all the the pink, gold and black colors.
Graduation party ideas

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Coordinate Your Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations that Match Your Invitations

Graduation Party Ideas
Pear Tree makes it easy to tie all of your graduation party ideas together and coordinate a matching look, from the graduation invitations to the party decorations to the thank you cards. The best place to start is with your graduation announcements. Once you’ve found a design that fits all your photos perfectly, you can check out all the other products that match that announcement. You’ll find these recommendations on the product detail page for each graduation announcement. It’s that easy! Here are some examples of different graduation party ideas that you can combine for a seamless look.

Our Gold Sequin-Look Trifold graduation invitation features your choice of background colors accented with faux-foil sequins. You can order an 8-piece banner to string across a wall, a guest book print with the same sequin look, personalized stickers and napkins, a yard sign, and even cupcake flags! Click each image to learn more or see below to pin this ensemble.
Gold Sequin-Look Graduation InvitationsGold Sequin-Look Yard Sign Graduation Party Decorations Sequin-Look Guest Book Print Graduation Party DecorationsGold Sequin-Look Table Decor Graduation Party Decorations Gold Sequin-Look Personalized Stickers Graduation Party DecorationsGold Sequin-Look Grad Banner Graduation Party Decorations Gold Sequin-Look Cupcake Flags Graduation Party Decorations

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New Graduation Announcements Are Here!

We’re excited to announce our 2015 Graduation Collection, which includes lots of new graduation announcement ideas as well as new graduation party decorations! Here’s what’s new this year in graduation announcement styles and trends at Pear Tree Greetings.

Rustic graduation announcements
The trend toward rustic backgrounds like chalkboard and kraft paper continues, but you’ll also see some other options like denim and wood grains to make things interesting.
Rustic Graduation Announcements Rustic Graduation Announcements

Joint party graduation announcements
We’ve introduced a whole new collection of graduation announcements designed just for joint parties, with wording and photo options that let you included two or more grads.
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Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas

Send a graduation announcement that is as unique as your grad! We wanted to share with you six graduation announcement ideas that are Best-In-Class with their standout design and trendy style. Spot these standout designs in our graduation announcements and invitations with a Golden Pear icon. Here are our most popular Golden Pear designs. Simply click on the image to learn more.

Foil-Stamped Graduation Announcements 
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These graduation announcements let your personality shine through! Real foil in gold or silver is stamped on the cards for the look of formal graduation announcements without all the pomp and circumstance.

Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
Friends and family will love to unfold these graduation announcements. A ribbon runs through the announcement and is tied shut with a bow for recipients to open. It adds an extra touch to these designs that will reveal beautiful photos from childhood to senior year.

Multi-panel Folds
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These accordion-style graduation announcements puts them at the top of the class. The 5-panel design unfolds to reveal oodles of photos, personalized messages and party details. A sure hit with family and friends! Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of New Graduation Invitation Ideas!

It’s an exciting time for high school seniors everywhere, as they prepare to walk across the stage to receive their diploma, a milestone capping all their hard work in school. Sharing this moment with family and friends is a wonderful way to honor the graduate and send him or her off into the world. To start the graduation party, you must first start with the graduation invitation, and we are excited to give you a sneak peek of our new designs! Here are a few of the new graduation invitation ideas that our design team focused on this year.

1. School Logo. These graduation announcements feature a place for you to share your school logo. Show your high school pride by using your high school logo or look ahead to the future and add your college logo.
Graduation invitation ideas
Graduation invitation ideas

2. Foil, foil, foil. We added a new collection of foil graduation invitations that add the perfect amount of shine to your card. It’s a chic and classy look that is sure to wow family and friends. Foil colors include silver and gold.
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Top 5 Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas
Graduation season is nearly upon us and that signifies an incredible achievement not only for the graduate, but also for his or her family. Planning a unique and memorable graduation party can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you find ways to add the perfect personalized touch! These top 5 graduation party ideas started with by choosing the graduation announcements for inspiration and incorporating graduation party decorations from Pear Tree Greetings. Just add a touch of DIY from family or friends to finalize the party setup.

1. The Year in Photos. This graduation party idea has been a hit with our followers on Pinterest, receiving over 11,000 repins! The Year in Photos idea came from our Kraft & Shine Graduation Party that was inspired by our Kraft Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements. For this idea, organize printed photos in the shape of your graduation year. Add festive-colored balloons for an added touch.
Graduation Party Ideas

2. The Year in Cupcakes. This graduation party idea looks delicious! The Year in Cupcakes idea came from one of our Featured Favorites who used the Trifold Dots Graduation Announcements for a joint graduation party and personalized it with bright, fun colors that matched their outfits in the photos. For this idea, they cut out cardboard numbers for the class year and used props to lift the numbers off the table to give it some dimension. Add delicious cupcakes with sprinkles that match the invitation and you have yourself a (tasty) hit!
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A Letter to My Son: 10 Things I Want to Say

A letter to my son
My son is away at college, and based on our last phone call it sounds like he needs a little cheering up. My happy-go-lucky boy is facing the pressure of challenging classes and a grueling sports schedule. I know there’s not much I can do to help, but I still feel compelled to try. It’s time for a letter to my son and here are 10 things I will say:

  1. What I’m about to say is important. See? It’s so important that I actually wrote it on paper instead of putting it in a text message. No matter what else this letter says, it says someone cares.
  2. This, too, shall pass. When you are feeling lonely or ugly or scared or embarrassed or frustrated, try to see yourself as I see you: friendly, beautiful, brave, humble and persevering. Then give it a day or two. Things will be looking up. I’m sure of it.
  3. You are not the only one who’s having a bad day. Talk to people — your roommates, a teacher, your advisor, or the person sitting next to you on the bus. You may share a laugh. You may get some good advice. You will probably find your troubles are nothing compared to theirs.   Continue reading

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