Personalize your Baptism Invitations and Christening Invitations in Minutes

Do you have a very special event coming up? A Baptism or Christening is a celebration you’ll want to share with your entire family, as your child is welcomed into your faith community. Baptism invitations or Christening invitations are a beautiful way to commemorate the event and create a keepsake family members will treasure. They also give you an easy way to make sure everyone has the details they need.
Baptism invitations Baptism Invitations and Christening Invitations

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New Graduation Announcements Are Here!

We’re excited to announce our 2015 Graduation Collection, which includes lots of new graduation announcement ideas as well as new graduation party decorations! Here’s what’s new this year in graduation announcement styles and trends at Pear Tree Greetings.

Rustic graduation announcements
The trend toward rustic backgrounds like chalkboard and kraft paper continues, but you’ll also see some other options like denim and wood grains to make things interesting.
Rustic Graduation Announcements Rustic Graduation Announcements

Joint party graduation announcements
We’ve introduced a whole new collection of graduation announcements designed just for joint parties, with wording and photo options that let you included two or more grads.
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Vow Renewal Ideas

We can’t think of a more joyous way to express your love than by renewing your vows in front of friends and family. If you’re still in the planning stages and are looking for vow renewal ideas, check out these vow renewal invitations from our friends at Invitations by Dawn.

Vow renewal ideas Vow renewal ideas Vow renewal ideas Vow renewal ideas

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Featured Favorite

Real stories from real people like you!

1st birthday party ideas
Happy 1st birthday to Aidan! Mom, Mary Beth, shared these photos of her son’s 1st birthday with us on Instagram, and we just had to hear her story and see her 1st birthday party ideas. On her blog, Living the Simple Life, she talks about Aidan’s birthday party and shares how special this birthday is to her and her family: “This party was bittersweet in more ways than one for me.  He is my last baby, so it’s the last first birthday party that I’ll host, but more importantly I never got to throw my first born son a party to celebrate this milestone.  After my first born passed away at 2 and a half months old, life gets put into a different perspective.  Each milestone with all of my children has been HUGE.  It was no different for my Little Man.  To be blessed to have a son again, to know that this is my last baby, to be able to see him reach each milestone, to have each month pass and still have him here in my arms…it has been nothing short of AMAZING!” We are so honored she chose to use Pear Tree for this special day.

We love seeing the way our kids birthday invitations can inspire a whole birthday party theme. Mary Beth used our Photo Booth Session First Birthday Invitations and created a photo-booth-themed party that focused on Aidan turning one. “One of my fave things about the invitation was being able to use pics of him from his whole first year and not have to be forced to only highlight one. We were celebrating all 12 months, 365 days, and 8760 hours of our Little Man, Aidan!”
1st birthday party ideas

Mary Beth continued the photo booth theme by creating two backdrops. She used CaravanShoppe to get the digital versions of the artwork and printed it off at her local Staples. The large print of these cameras are perfect for this photo booth theme. She also personalized matching Photo Booth Session kids party decorations and strung them across the backdrop with twine and mini clothespins. She added white balloons with cupcakes, wooden letters and the birthday invitation to the mantel. It makes it such a nice focal point in the living room.
1st birthday party ideas
1st birthday party ideas
1st birthday party ideas 1st birthday party ideas

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Tips for New Moms from Pear Tree Moms

Props - add a soft or textured blanket

The emotions you feel when welcome your new little one into your arms are indescribably happy ones: joy, love, relief and pride in your accomplishment, followed pretty closely by a panicky, how-am-I-going-to-do-this feeling. The responsibility and the emotions can be overwhelming, so the moms at Pear Tree wanted to help relieve some of that stress by sharing their best tips for new moms. For bedtime, laundry days, play time, school days and much more, here are our favorite tips for new moms from 5 Pear Tree moms.

Michelle, mom of 1 little boy with baby #2 on the way, due in a few short months!

  1. Laundry Magic. Never have to match socks again! Use diaper pins, the ones with the plastic tops, to match socks before laundering. I liked it so much for my son’s socks that I actually do my own now too!
  2. Extra supply of “Liquid Gold.” Help Preemie Babies & Breast Cancer Research by donating if you have extra supply of breast milk. Learn more here.
  3. Food tip. Whole grapes can be dangerous to feed little kids. They can easily choke on them if they’re not cut in half. Use two plates to hold grapes and slide knife through. Cuts a lot all at once! (Here is a pin to help.)
  4. Handprint preservation. Use modeling clay to preserve their sweet little handprint! I started this when my baby was 3 months old and have made them up to 3 years old + counting. I love looking back at these! The other great part about it is, you bake them in the oven and they are non-breakable and flexible. Alex loves looking back to see how small his handprint was when he was a baby and playing with them! We even gave a few as presents. OR use an ink pad + paper – any way of preserving their handprint works for me!

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Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas

Send a graduation announcement that is as unique as your grad! We wanted to share with you six graduation announcement ideas that are Best-In-Class with their standout design and trendy style. Spot these standout designs in our graduation announcements and invitations with a Golden Pear icon. Here are our most popular Golden Pear designs. Simply click on the image to learn more.

Foil-Stamped Graduation Announcements 
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These graduation announcements let your personality shine through! Real foil in gold or silver is stamped on the cards for the look of formal graduation announcements without all the pomp and circumstance.

Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
Friends and family will love to unfold these graduation announcements. A ribbon runs through the announcement and is tied shut with a bow for recipients to open. It adds an extra touch to these designs that will reveal beautiful photos from childhood to senior year.

Multi-panel Folds
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These accordion-style graduation announcements puts them at the top of the class. The 5-panel design unfolds to reveal oodles of photos, personalized messages and party details. A sure hit with family and friends! Continue reading

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Our 5 Most Popular Baby Announcement Ideas

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! Now that you have ooo’d and ahhh’d and soaked in all the little dimples of your newborn, it’s time to share all the picture-perfect details with family and friends so they can cherish the excitement, too. You’ll want to choose birth announcements that bring out the best in your baby photos, but where to start?

Lucky for you, when our designers are creating new birth announcements, they are already thinking about ways to highlight your baby in the best way possible. Their designs usually include multiple photos in different sizes and shapes so you can use a variety of shots, combined with fun, stylish fonts that let you layer in even more personality. To make the selection easier for you, we wanted to share our 5 most popular baby announcement ideas. Simply click on the image to see more details.

#1. Taped Collage Birth Announcements. This announcement features 5 photo spots to show off your bundle of joy. The trendy washi tape design on the back adds the perfect touch. You can see how it’d be our top seller!
Baby announcement ideas

#2. Welcome Baby Boy Birth Announcements. These birth announcements are easy on the checkbook and yet, showcase your newborn exactly how you pictured. There’s a total of four photo areas on this card and all colors can be personalized to your liking.
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Unique Designs for Girl Dresses

At Pear Tree, we are inspired by design and appreciate new design. Earlier this week we heard about two moms who, like us, are pushing the limits on new design. These moms created the brand, Princess Awesome. They have a very inspiring story about how girls have various interests in toys, animals, superheros and more, but there aren’t any dresses that have those designs. These moms took it upon themselves to solve that. They started this clothing design business in a basement, found the resources they needed to get these one-of-a-kind designs and started selling locally and then online. They have 3 dress designs they are focusing on: Pi, pirates, and dinosaurs. Design ideasDesign Ideas Design ideas Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of New Graduation Invitation Ideas!

It’s an exciting time for high school seniors everywhere, as they prepare to walk across the stage to receive their diploma, a milestone capping all their hard work in school. Sharing this moment with family and friends is a wonderful way to honor the graduate and send him or her off into the world. To start the graduation party, you must first start with the graduation invitation, and we are excited to give you a sneak peek of our new designs! Here are a few of the new graduation invitation ideas that our design team focused on this year.

1. School Logo. These graduation announcements feature a place for you to share your school logo. Show your high school pride by using your high school logo or look ahead to the future and add your college logo.
Graduation invitation ideas
Graduation invitation ideas

2. Foil, foil, foil. We added a new collection of foil graduation invitations that add the perfect amount of shine to your card. It’s a chic and classy look that is sure to wow family and friends. Foil colors include silver and gold.
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Top 5 Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas
Graduation season is nearly upon us and that signifies an incredible achievement not only for the graduate, but also for his or her family. Planning a unique and memorable graduation party can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you find ways to add the perfect personalized touch! These top 5 graduation party ideas started with by choosing the graduation announcements for inspiration and incorporating graduation party decorations from Pear Tree Greetings. Just add a touch of DIY from family or friends to finalize the party setup.

1. The Year in Photos. This graduation party idea has been a hit with our followers on Pinterest, receiving over 11,000 repins! The Year in Photos idea came from our Kraft & Shine Graduation Party that was inspired by our Kraft Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements. For this idea, organize printed photos in the shape of your graduation year. Add festive-colored balloons for an added touch.
Graduation Party Ideas

2. The Year in Cupcakes. This graduation party idea looks delicious! The Year in Cupcakes idea came from one of our Featured Favorites who used the Trifold Dots Graduation Announcements for a joint graduation party and personalized it with bright, fun colors that matched their outfits in the photos. For this idea, they cut out cardboard numbers for the class year and used props to lift the numbers off the table to give it some dimension. Add delicious cupcakes with sprinkles that match the invitation and you have yourself a (tasty) hit!
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