New Kids’ Party Decorations

Kids party decorations
You’re going to love all the new kids party decorations we’ve added to our kids birthday collection! From tiny cupcake flags to large yard signs, these party decorations all tie together to make your birthday party theme come to life.

It all starts with the kids’ birthday invitations, and there are some sweet new ones including a Sweet Shoppe theme, and Cake & Ice Cream party, perfect for summer. Mad Scientist and Circus Colors are two more new themes you’ll love.
Sweet Shoppe Kids Birthday Invitations Cake Ice Cream Kids Birthday Invitations Mad Scientist Kids Birthday Invitations Circus Colors Kids Birthday Invitations

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Party Ideas: Custom Posters for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials

There are milestones in every person’s life that should be celebrated. Graduations, anniversaries and big birthdays (such as 1, 40, 50, 60, 90!) are all occasions for gathering, celebrating and reminiscing. If you’re planning such a party, you know how important the reminiscing part is, and how old photos can help tell the story of who and what you’re celebrating.

Photo displays have always been a popular party idea for these types of events, but they are very labor intensive. On the other hand, our custom posters can be created online in minutes, and present a very affordable alternative. Think about creating a custom poster next time you’re planning party ideas for one of these milestone events.

Everyone loves to look at photos of the couple at an anniversary party, especially wedding and courtship photos – even baby photos. Create a poster that tells the story of their relationship to display at the party. Easy and affordable!
Memory Collage custom poster

Birthday (1st or 80th!)
Showcase photos of the birthday boy or girl by displaying a custom poster at the birthday party. It’s a lost easier than creating a photo display by hand, and the guest of honor can keep the poster.
Fave Photos Custom posters
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Steak Rub

Father's Day gift ideas
Is your father or husband an avid griller? If so, here’s the perfect father’s day gift idea to make his juicy grilled steaks taste extra amazing! The best part is that this is one of the easiest father’s day gift ideas you’ll stumble upon. You might even have all the ingredients waiting for you right in your spice cabinet.

This recipe from will give those steaks lots of flavor with just a little work!

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Little Critters Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower ideas

My favorite thing about a party is planning it, so I had a lot of fun coming up with some baby shower ideas to share. As always, I started with the invite. I knew right away I wanted to base the party off of Pear Tree’s Little Critters baby shower invitation. Since the invite was rather simple with the colors, I decided to keep the party simple as well. White, gold and little critters were my theme! This invitation is great because you can choose from over 70 colors if you want something a little more colorful.
Baby shower ideas

I have always wanted to create a “donut tower” so I decided to make this baby shower a brunch. It was filled with powdered sugar donuts, Rice Krispy treats, build your own fruit pizzas, mimosas (non-alcoholic), and adorable critters. I used Pear Tree’s Little Critter Table Décor to scatter across the table and attached them to skewers for a topper on the donut tower. We also worked with Build a Balloon, who created adorable custom fringed balloons for our party. Three foot balloons are definitely a must have!  Continue reading

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Inside Design: Hello Color Dips

Design trend ideas color dips
This summer it’s all about the dips! Not delicious chip dips, or taking a dip in the pool, but, instead, colored paint dips! Yellows, blues, oranges and pink paints add that color pop you need to make your summer a little brighter. One of our favorite 2015 design trends, this look has a beautiful modern-feel, giving any room or accessory a little geometric twist.

“The dips are so fresh! I’ve discovered literally everything I own is now a potential DIY project,” Says Angela Ferrara, Director of Product Development.

Just for you, we’ve scouted the most beautiful DIY ideas and products that will add a little color to your summer.
Design trend ideas

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5 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal ideas
Gender reveals are a fun new trend for moms- and dads-to-be. There are lots of great ways to get your loved ones in on the big surprise and let them know if you will be welcoming a girl or a boy. We wanted to share our top 5 gender reveal ideas to get your creative mind inspired. We know there are many more out there, but this list should get you started.

1. Balloon Popping. For this idea, fill dark-colored balloons with pink or blue confetti and inflate to medium size. You can give each person at the gender reveal party their own balloon to pop or the soon-to-be mom and dad can pop it in front of guests. If you choose to not have a party, but want to share on Facebook and Instagram, take photos of the balloon before it’s popped and then an action shot of popping it. This is such a fun idea – friends and family will love liking it!
Gender reveal ideas
Gender reveal ideas

2. Pink & Blue Dips. This gender reveal party idea will get your guests interacting and guessing the gender. Simply set out marshmallows, pink & blue frosting and pink & blue striped straws for guests to dip their marshmallow in the color they think is the gender of your baby! At the end of the party, when all the guesses are in, mom-to-be can hold the straws revealing the correct gender.
Gender reveal ideas dips
Gender reveal ideas dips
Gender reveal ideas Gender reveal ideas

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Top Pins from Pear Tree Greetings

Wondering what’s hot on Pinterest from Pear Tree Greetings? Take a peek below to see our top pinned products and ideas!

1. Graduation Party Idea: This idea is easy, but adds the perfect touch to any graduation party. It was featured in our Classic Graduation Party Ideas post and uses our personalized graduation stickers on a mason jar. Simple & quick!
Classic graduation party ideas

2. 4th of July food ideas: 4th of July celebrations are a month away and people are looking for patriotic food ideas to bring to their gathering. This idea was shown in our 4th of July food ideas post and is a simple display that uses 3 ingredients: blue corn chips, red peppers and humus!
IMG_0971 copy

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How To Write Graduation Thank You Cards

It’s graduation season, and that means grads all over the country are having parties, receiving congratulations and good-luck-wishes from loved ones, and opening gifts. Learning how to write graduation thank you cards is next on the list.

Let’s start with ordering them. It’s a nice touch when your thank you cards match your graduation announcements or invitations. Pear Tree’s graduation collection includes thank you cards to match most announcements, and they can be personalized the same way. For example, if you choose a certain color for your announcement, you can choose the same color for your thank you cards.
Graduation thank you cards
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Featured Favorite: Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Girls birthday party ideas
We couldn’t believe it when we saw our Magic Unicorn Mask Birthday Invitations tagged on Instagram as part of this amazing unicorn party. We contacted the creative mom, Adrea, to see more of her fabulous girls’ birthday party ideas and ask how the party turned out. She told us all about it.

“We first found your gorgeous invitations at Pear Tree Greetings and became very excited about our theme!  My mother ordered Hadley, the adorable unicorn set from The Land of Nod, that quickly became our color inspiration for her birthday party. We made unicorn-shaped sugar cookies and I hand-cut tissue paper tassels to create a tassel balloon and tassel honeycomb tissue balls (honeycomb balls from Shop Sweet Lulu).
Girls birthday party ideas
Girls birthday party ideasGirls birthday party ideas

“I gathered so many fabulous ideas from The Alison Show. Alison threw a unicorn fourth birthday party for her daughter, and every detail was perfect. I shamelessly incorporated so many of her ideas for Hadley’s party. :)

“Tables that were originally planned for outside dining were moved inside our garage due to a downpour. My sister purchased craft paper to use as tablecloths and wrote each child’s name in gold paint. We then set the table with Shop Sweet Lulu silver star plates and unicorn napkins. Each child received a special glass of Magical Unicorn Dust (glitter), which was a big hit! Unicorn horns were made with cotton candy holders and dipped in glitter.
Girls birthday party ideas
Girls birthday party ideas

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Graduation Announcements for Girls

Overwhelmed by all the graduation announcements for girls out there? We’ve narrowed it down to these favorites, all of which incorporate the latest trends and color options. Girls are going to want to show off their style, while moms may be more concerned with prices and party planning. We promise, you’ll both love these graduation announcements for girls!

Sparkle & Shine
What’s a party without a little sparkle? These graduation announcements let her shine and set the mood for a party that sparkles in every way.
Gold Sequin-Look Trifold Graduation Announcements Gold Foil Photo Collage Graduation Announcements

Down To Earth
She tells it like it is, and these graduation announcements let her choose from colors and rustic backgrounds to create a casual look that’s all hers.
Color Block Trifold Graduation Announcements Rustic Collage Graduation Announcements

All Girl
If you want something that’s all girl, these two announcements have a feminine appeal that’s hard to beat. Faux-foil frames showcase her favorite photos, while a beautiful gold script adorns the other option.
Three Faux-Foil Frames Graduation Announcements Gold Foil Follow The Script Graduation Announcements

The foil stamped design on our Silver Foil Diamonds Trifold graduation announcements and the iconic laurel branches featured on our Chalkboard Laurels graduation announcements give these cards a formal look.
Silver Foil Diamonds Trifold Graduation Announcements Chalkboard Laurels With Logo Graduation Announcements

Bold and Bright
You don’t have to stick with your school colors, and shouldn’t if that’s not your style! Go bold with colors and have fun with your party decorations to create a seamless look.
Kraft Ribbon Booklet for Her Graduation Announcements Patchwork Of Photos With Logo Graduation Announcements

These graduation announcements have a hand-crafted look that lets her express her creativity. Choose colors and photos to match the mood.
Candid Collage Graduation Announcements Trifold Dots Graduation Announcements

Shop for these and hundreds more graduation announcements for girls at Pear Tree. And read our blog for graduation party ideas and decorating ideas to make your party stand out, too!

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