3 Gift Ideas For Kids

Gift ideas for kids
There are lots of gift ideas for kids that you can buy in any store — and these, of course, are the same gifts every other kid will be getting. But if you want gift ideas that are a little more personal, that show a little more thought, our personalized gifts for kids will be treasured for years to come. Click the images to see our full collection.

Personalized Children’s Books
Give a gift they’ll open over and over again. These personalized books feature the child’s name as the main character, and what child doesn’t want to hear a story about him or herself? All you have to do is give us your child’s name, and we do the rest! (Allow 2 weeks for printing this gift.)
Gift ideas for kids
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5 Gift Ideas For Mom

Gift ideas for mom
It’s hard to find the perfect gift for mom, who always says she doesn’t need anything. It’s true. Moms are usually too busy making everybody else happy over the holidays to spend much time thinking about themselves. But we have a few gift ideas that are sure to please her because they’re personal and thoughtful and, best of all, they come from you. Click the images to see our full collection.

Custom Phone Cases
Take her favorite photo and put it on a glossy phone case for her iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. She’ll think of you every time she picks it up.
Custom Phone Cases - Fave Photo

Personalized Ornaments
Commemorate the year with a personalized ornament that she can hang on the tree year after year after year.
Photo Joy Personalized Ornaments
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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
Talk about taking a theme and running with it! This family went all out to create a vintage theme for their Christmas cards, right down to where the family photo shoot took place. Says mom, Jennifer, “When we began thinking about ideas for a Christmas card in 2014, we really wanted to do something unique and very different than we had ever done before. We like our Christmas cards to tell a story, and so together as a family we try to think of fun ideas or themes. This year our 13-year-old daughter came up with the theme.

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5 Top Selling Christmas Cards

The Christmas season is upon us and over the past few weeks we have seen many beautiful holiday cards from you, our customers, filter through our office. It’s always so fun for us to see which cards and trends are the most popular with you. This year, we have seen a definite winner and it is FOIL!! Our real foil stamped Christmas cards as well as our Faux Foil Christmas cards are the top selling and we are excited to share with you our top 5 holiday card designs.

1. Golden Greeting Christmas Cards is our top selling Christmas card design! The added shine of the faux foil on the front is beautiful when combined with your favorite photo. Then, the back of the card can be filled with Instagram photos. Love.
Top selling Christmas cards

2. Shining Bright Foil Christmas Cards is our top selling real foil Christmas card design. This card uses typography as the design with “Be Merry, Be Bright” in real stamped foil that has four foil options available – gold, glitter gold, silver and red. You can personalize the back with your favorite color and add a holiday message about your year.
Shining Bright Foil Christmas Cards

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Personalized Gift Ideas Featured on Twin Cities Live

Ampersand Wall Art $24.99Big and Small Collage 11x14 Metal Wall Art $74.99

Pear Tree Greetings’ personalized gift ideas were featured on Twin Cities Live on November 25th. Stephanie Bottner, General Manager for Pear Tree, shares how you can shop at Pear Tree for everyone on your list. We have gifts for spouses, grandparents, kids, teens and many more. Watch below to see all the fun gift ideas!

Keep reading our blog for more personalized gift ideas or visit our holiday gift guide to start shopping!

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Personalized Gift Ideas

The Pear Tree Greetings team is loving our new personalized gift ideas and we want to share three more ways to personalize these gifts to give to your loved ones. These ideas are all coming from our product development team (yes, the designers themselves!) and it is so fun to see what they created!

Personalized Ornaments – Angela, our director of product development, personalized our Photo Double Take Personalized Ornaments with a photo of each of her children. They turned out beautifully and would make a perfect gift for grandparents.
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Gift Ideas Under $15

Every gift should have some personal meaning, and these gift ideas can all be personalized for the ones you love. And they’re all less than $15!

Custom Notepads, $9.99 to $12.99
These personalized notepads come in two sizes and many styles, with or without photos. They make fun gift ideas for kids, friends and family members.
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift Ideas under $15
See all custom notepads.

Mini Note Cards, $10.62 for 12
Our mini note cards are perfect for quick notes to kids, partners, co-workers, teachers and friends. They can also be used as gift card enclosures!
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift ideas under $15
See all mini note cards.
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Lasting Holiday Traditions

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It’s my husband Andrew’s favorite holiday and he’s agreed to give me all the others if I give him carte blanche for that weekend.  It’s a steep price, but I’m pretty sure I come out ahead in the end.

I have a love-hate with the holiday.  First, the good part: Andrew’s brother arrives.  Morgan is an amazing chef (and conversationalist. Ladies, if you haven’t found a keeper yet…).

That’s not to say that Andrew isn’t.  He’s a fantastic cook, and I’m lucky to come home to a warm dinner most nights (and on the others I usually enjoy the leftovers).  But there’s really good food, and then there’s…well, Morgan’s food.  He probably should have been a chef.

Around Monday I start skipping lunch, hoping that come Thursday I’ll have saved up enough calories to justify participating in the upcoming meal.  By Tuesday I’ll doubt that it will happen, and by Wednesday I don’t really care anymore.  All I can think about are Morgan’s brined turkey, the stuffing (from a recipe that’s four hundred years old, if you believe the family lore) and Andrew’s indescribable apple pie.

Okay, I know the tradition, but he won’t hold with pumpkin.  If you want his reasons be prepared for an earful.

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What it means to be Heirloom, what it means to be something unique

We had our first official snowfall of the winter this week, which means that my husband’s garden has gone from being officially “on its last legs” to officially “dead.”  It’s been six weeks since our last tomato and although by this time I’m tired of eating kale and brussel sprouts, it still makes me sad.  Five or six months (at best) until our next fresh greens, which translates to five or six months of grocery store produce.  Not that our grocery store and local food co-op don’t stock the good stuff.  It’s just that once you’ve eaten straight from the garden it’s a hard adjustment going back.
Unique greeting cards

Andrew’s been taking the loss particularly hard.  We’ll talk while he’s cooking in the evening and without warning he’ll transition from chatting about how our days went to lamenting our lack of fresh apples and heirloom veggies.

I still don’t get his fixation with heirlooms, and it drives him crazy.

“What is there not to understand?” he asked the other night.  “You of all people should get this.”

I’m not a Foodie (though I’ve eaten enough meals to know his are better than average!), and I pointed this out.

“It’s not about being a Foodie or not being a Foodie.  It’s about having a love and a…respect, I suppose, for something unique.”

And he’s right.  I, of all people, should understand.

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Pear Tree Greetings featured in…

It’s always exciting for our small team to be recognized in popular magazine articles for our Christmas cards. Our elves (aka 4-person design team) work really hard to bring you the latest trends in stationery design so you can personalize your card the way you envision it. We also work hard to push the limits on what is possible, so that your card will be the most unique card in every mailbox this December. Magazine editors have seen the hard work we put in and have shared our unique Christmas card ideas with their readers. Here are three of our holiday placements this year.

1. American Baby. Our Joy Faux Foil Banner Christmas Card was featured in the All About Baby section of the November issue. This is card is one of our Golden Pears and reflects the trend of the bunting banners used at parties and for home decor.
Unique Christmas card ideas

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