A Slice of Summer Bridal Shower

It all started with Pear Tree’s Sweet Slices Fun Bridal Shower Invitations, which became the inspiration for these refreshingly simple bridal shower ideas by celebrations.com. The simple theme of bright, sunny lemons provided plenty of intense color and flavor for the decorations and menu ideas.
Bridal Shower Ideas
A wire basket filled with lemons and a copy of the invitation greeted guests at the entry to the party. Topiary centerpieces for each table were made out of purchased plants, decorative yellow pots, a handful of lemons and some yellow tulle.
Bridal Shower Ideas
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Tied Up in Love

We asked our Facebook fans to come up with a name for this unique wedding invitation that’s wrapped up perfectly with a ribbon to reveal two favorite photos and We Do text. Our fans did a great job with titles like: You Are Cordially InviTIED; Ribbon of Love; The Ties that Bind Us. But, our winning entry is “Tied Up in Love” by Gretta. It is a perfect name for this creative, fun and, oh so personalized invitation.

Tied Up in LoveAs the winner of our Name This Card Contest, Gretta gets $50 to spend on anything at www.peartreegreetings.com. “It could not have come at a better time because one of my dearest friends is getting married and we are having a bridal shower for her,” Gretta said.

We hope she has a wonderful time shopping for bridal shower invitations. Hey, maybe this will be the card her neighbor uses for their unique wedding invitation!

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Ingredients for Love

My fiancé and I got engaged in January, and we are finding out that wedding planning is a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work and coordination, so it’s a good thing I had a head start. As an employee at Pear Tree Greetings, I have to admit that I’ve been eyeing our wedding invitations and thinking about bridal shower ideas for quite some time. Wouldn’t you, if you were in my shoes?

Bridal showers are usually hosted by a friend or relative of the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help guide them in the direction you’d like for your bridal shower. For me it was an easy choice. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been doomed to be a terrible cook. In my Easy-Bake-Oven days I was confusing baking soda with baking powder. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any better – confectioner’s sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, why are there so many sugars? And don’t even get me started on the different oils. That is why this Ingredients for Love Recipe Bridal Shower Invitation is not only my favorite, it will actually be very useful for me. Each invitation comes with a blank recipe card for guests to fill out and bring to the shower. Perfect.
Recipe Bridal Shower Invitations -- Ingredients for Love
Aside from collecting lots of new recipes, these bridal shower invitations are also the inspiration for the party decorations and food. The bright pink and orange colors are perfect for a springtime bridal shower. Cover the tables in pink and orange linens to brighten the room, and bring in bright pink balloons to decorate throughout the room and orange poms to hang from the ceiling. Pink flowers in clear vases are also a perfect touch to accent each table. Top off the party with fresh fruit skewers, a tasty pasta salad and cupcakes for all to enjoy.
Check out our Pinterest board (and other Pear Tree boards) for more bridal shower ideas, shop for bridal shower invitations at Pear Tree, or continue reading our blog for lots more wedding ideas. Happy planning!

Bridal Shower Invitations

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