Graduation Party Themes

We know many of you are thinking about graduation at this time of year, and we’re here to help. Not just showing off our super cool graduation invitations, but also helping you plan and prepare for the best graduation party ever.

Where do you even start? We suggest coming up with graduation theme ideas first. Might be as simple as your school colors, or as extravagant as a Mexican Fiesta. I think my own graduation party theme was pork. I know, cool, right? Long story short, my parents are in the swine industry, which explains it, but I really wish I would have had a cool theme. We had my party the night of the ceremony, so maybe our theme was ‘Hallelujah, we’re done’. But enough about me.

Here’s a question we received recently from a Pear Tree customer:
Our son is graduating from high school this year and we’re planning his open house. We’d like to make it as fun as possible for him, but are struggling with finding a theme. Can you help us?

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