10 new ways to say Happy Holidays

Nobody wants to send Christmas cards that sound or look exactly the same as everyone else’s. So why do we settle on the same traditional Christmas card sayings every year? Here are 10 Christmas cards that say Happy Holidays without saying Happy Holidays!

Modern Cheer Christmas cards
Modern Cheer Christmas Cards

Festive Phrase Vertical Photo – Christmas Photo Magnets
Festive Phrase Vertical Photo -- Christmas Photo Magnets

Softly Snowing Christmas cards
Softly Snowing Christmas Cards

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What’s Hot This Month – October

Here’s a look at the top five items others are buying at Pear Tree Greetings this month!

1. Favorite Carols Horizontal Photo
Favorite Carols Horizontal Photo

2. Monster Birthday Invitations — Monster Bash
Monster Birthday Invitations -- Monster Bash

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What inspires us? Can you spot the Christmas card ideas?

When we’re designing Christmas cards (or any other cards, for that matter) our inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere—fashion, home decor, textiles, pop culture, events, you name it. Sometimes it all comes together perfectly, like in this year’s holiday collection.

Hottest Christmas cards trends

We filled a Pinterest board with some of the hottest trends to influence our Christmas card ideas this year, including bright colors, stripes and patterns, mixed fonts, vintage shapes and natural elements. See if you can spot some of these trends in our new holiday cards!

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First Day of School Photo Ideas

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the photo so many times, but I remember my first day of kindergarten with perfect clarity. I was terrified, and it showed in my face. Thanks, Mom.

There are certain landmark days in a child’s life that Mom somehow just knows to capture in a photo. And the first day of school is one of those photo ops you just don’t want to miss.

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Planning a summer vacation? Think Christmas photo ideas!

Whatever you do, the experienced moms at Pear Tree say, don’t forget to bring the camera along on your summer vacation. Not just for the memories, but because those vacation photos may just be the best family photos you get all year. And come November, when you’re looking back over the year’s highlights for something to include in the annual Christmas photo card, you’ll be awfully glad you have them.Christmas in July photos

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Put your Christmas cards on display

The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas cards start arriving in the mail. Yippee! For those of us at Pear Tree, this marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. We love seeing who got their cards done early, who included photos in their cards and who didn’t. We love choosing favorites—we even love reading the Christmas letters!How to Display Christmas Cards
photo by: smallplacestyle.blogspot.com

Of course, if you know us, you know we’re all about sharing. Figuring out how to display Christmas cards is a tradition we never pass up. We also enjoy going to other people’s houses and seeing the cards they receive and how they display them. There are plenty of Christmas card display ideas out there, but no matter how you do it, a Christmas card display can be a colorful and inexpensive way to add to the Christmas décor in your house.
How to Display Christmas Cards
photo by: habituallychic.blogspot.com

Most displays are pretty simple DIY projects. Some people simply tape them to their fridge, wall or door. Others string them from ribbons or hang them in various ways from garland, ribbon or string. One of our team members sets them on the branches of her Christmas tree. Check out our Pinterest page for more creative ideas!
How to Display Christmas Cards
photo by: decoratingaddict.blogspot.com

Do you have any creative ideas for how to display Christmas cards that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear yours! And if you haven’t ordered your Christmas cards yet, better get busy!

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Featured Favorite

Christmas cards“I was looking for an interactive card and yours was perfect!” says Amy, whose card is our Featured Favorite for December. An online search for photo Christmas card ideas led her to our Collage Christmas Present in Plaid – Christmas cards, and she couldn’t have made a better choice.

The multiple photo card features a festive plaid pattern and personalized ‘tag’ on the outside, and is folded and tied with a ribbon, like a present. Friends and family unfold four panels to reveal photos of Amy’s family, a Dr. Seuss quote and a Christmas greeting inside.

“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and we watch it every year as a family,” says Amy, who chose the classic Grinchy quote that ends with the saying, “What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?” She tied the message together in her own way with the greeting, “Wishing you the Grinch’s more!” Having fun with the wording is another way to get creative with photo Christmas card ideas.

Speaking of tying, all three of her children, ages 3, 6 and 7 will be helping fold the Christmas cards, tie the ribbons and stuff the envelopes. “They turned out great. The image online was exactly as how I received them.” Thanks for doing such a great job personalizing them, Amy!

Check out our blog for more creative Christmas card wording ideas, or get started creating your own Christmas cards now.

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Holiday card staff picks: Wyatt, the pet lover

We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Pet Lover Christmas card

About Wyatt: I am married, and my wife and I don’t have kids yet, but we do have a dog, named Stanza.

Card he chose: Vintage Pattern in Green – Christmas Greeting Photo Card

Why did you choose this card?
I am a photographer and was looking for a full photo card that would give me a chance to show a little bit of my work. I chose this one because I like the unusual shape and the design on the back. A lot of Pear Tree’s cards make great pet Christmas card ideas, i just had to find one that worked with the shape of my photo.

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
We don’t think people care what we look like, but family and friends seem to love our dog (I think maybe more than me and my wife). I chose one of my favorite photos of Stanza and cropped in very closely so you can see the snowflakes on her fur. That gives it a little holiday feeling.

Like Wyatt’s pet Christmas card ideas? Find your perfect holiday card with our Holiday Cards MatchFinder.

Read more staff picks: the trendsetter, the new homeowner, the bakerthe traveler, the busy mom

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Holiday card staff picks: Shelly, the baker

We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Recipe Christmas card

About Shelly: I am 23 and just finishing college. I am an intern at Pear Tree Greetings and am hoping for a full-time job here someday (hint, hint)! I wanted to send a Christmas card to my family and friends to give them a quick update on how I am and what I have been doing. It is just another step to being in the real world!

Card she chose: Stripes and Stories – Creative Photo Christmas Cards

Why did you choose this card?
I chose this card because I love that it will showcase my recipe! I love to bake, and I always get requests for recipes, so why not just send my new favorite recipe along to my family and friends so they can make their own little treats? I also love that I can change the colors and add photos to really show off my fancy Christmas treats and yummy cupcakes!

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
I put my new favorite recipe for Christmas cookies on the front and changed the background color to match the frosting on the cookies. Then I put photos of my cupcakes on the back and changed that background color to match the frosting on those. I think the two colors will look great together when it gets folded up! Last, but not least, I added a ‘sweet’ Christmas greeting.

Like Shelly’s unique Christmas card ideas? Find your perfect holiday card with our Holiday Cards MatchFinder.

Read more staff picks: the trendsetter, the new homeowner, the pet loverthe traveler, the busy mom

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Modern Christmas cards with vintage-look photos

Holiday photo card ideasLately we’ve seen a lot of unique photo Christmas cards that make use of an age-old technique: the use of antique props or weathered backgrounds to bring a nostalgic, vintage feel to a modern photo.

-A rusty metal sign in the background that makes the subject of the photo (you) look stunningly beautiful in comparison

-An antique picture frame that appears to corral an active modern-day family for a portrait frozen in time

-A vintage, grocery-store scale that proudly displays the birth weight of the new baby sleeping peacefully on top

It’s the juxtaposition of the old and the new, or the ugly and the beautiful that makes the photo interesting and draws your attention to the faces within. So how can you use these vintage photo ideas to make your holiday cards stand out?

If you’re hiring a professional photographer, tell him or her about any vintage photo ideas you have in mind. They most likely have a selection of props and backdrops in their studio that can lend a vintage feel to your portrait. If you’re shooting on location, most photographers have plenty of pre-scouted locations they’ve used, and by letting them know you’re interested in a vintage feel, you’ll be helping them narrow down the options.

If you’re taking the photo yourself, start by looking around your own house. Do you have an antique piece of furniture, picture frame, mirror, or old toy that would make a nice prop? Is there a wall or corner in your house with interesting woodwork? Outside, is there a weathered fence, or exterior wall with peeling paint or wood siding, perhaps? Remember, you don’t need to show all of it, just enough to give a vintage flavor.

If you can’t find anything at home, expand your options. Explore industrial areas, looking for old signage, corrugated metal, stone and brick walls. Explore rural areas for bridges, barns, fences, warehouses, and train or gas stations. Perhaps grandma and grandpa have an old toy or bike of yours, stored in their attic? If your prop has sentimental value, all the better.

Good luck on your hunt. We can’t wait to see the beautiful holiday photo cards our creative customers come up with this holiday season! And if you’re still undecided, read more family photo ideas on our blog.

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