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We asked three Pear Tree employees who’ve recently moved for their best moving tips. As usual, they were full of great ideas, and in agreement about several. Here are their moving tips:

From Andrea, Pear Tree’s brand strategist:

  • Label the boxes. This seems obvious, but I also labeled where I wanted the box to be put in the new house, like “Kids’ Puzzles—Bonus Room” or “Towels—Master Bath.”
  • We staged our move by packing boxes ahead of time and storing them in the garage, so that on moving day, we were just moving things from garage to truck, which cut down on the mess in the house leading up to moving day, and made the move go faster.
  • Separate the items you will need most immediate and box those separately. For example, I had a box of our toothbrushes, some clean bedding, a change of clothes and PJs for everybody for the first day in our new house. That way we didn’t have to sift through boxes, etc. trying to find things that first day.
  • Plan ahead on transferring utilities, scheduling internet and TV, etc.
  • Get out and meet your neighbors. If you see them outside, be proactive and introduce yourselves. They’re a wealth of resources. Our lawn mower broke and the grass at our new house was super long. I met the next-door neighbor and he mentioned the guy at the end of the street did lawn service. With one quick call he was mowing our lawn before I knew it!

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Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving day is sure to be both exciting and stressful. Cut down on the chaos with a moving checklist that gets you organized, eliminates surprises and keeps everything moving along smoothly.

  • Don’t pack what you don’t need – Getting rid of unnecessary items will help make the packing and unpacking process smoother. Rather than waste time making these decisions on moving day, do it ahead of time and give away or sell what you don’t want.
  • Moving announcements – Give friends and family your new address right away. Better yet, have a housewarming party to follow up and invite them all to see your new home.
  • Forward medical records – Contact important parties, like doctors’ offices, directly to let them know they will need to forward your records to a new location.  Continue reading

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