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Holiday Cards Matchfinder

Find the perdect Holiday Card

Choose the description that fits you best, and our amazing Holiday Cards Matchfinder will magically take you to the cards we think you’ll like the most!

The New Mom

Ornament Christmas Cards

Your biggest news is the adorable new person you've brought into the world. Try one of our gorgeous winter birth announcements with a holiday theme, or an ornament holiday card that makes a great keepsake for baby's first Christmas.

The New Bride

Unique Christmas Cards

Your wedding was the highlight of your year, and the photos are beautiful—perfect for any of our Christmas photo cards. Showcase your wedding day or honeymoon in a timeline card. Or use one of our holiday cards as your save-the-date or thank you cards.

The New Homeowner

Christmas Cards With Moving Announcements

You're all settled in and saving up for a new sofa, so why not save the postage and let your Christmas cards do double duty as moving announcements. We also have a few holiday-themed moving announcement inserts you can slip into your holiday cards.

The Traveler

Christmas Cards with Timelines

You have lots of beautiful photos to share and stories to tell. For you, we recommend a card with room for 4+ photos, or one of our timeline/letter Christmas Cards that have plenty of room for both text and photos.

The Pet Lover

Find the perfect holiday card

Let's face it, your pet is the best looking and most entertaining member of your family. Send a Christmas photo card that features your pet in one or more photos, or write a Christmas letter card from the pooch's perspective.

The Eco-enthusiast

Recycled Holiday Cards

To you, it's not friendly if it's not environmentally friendly. Most of our cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, but these recycled Christmas cards also feature green messages and recycled envelopes. Or try our Christmas postcards that don't need envelopes at all!

The Busy Family

Timeline Christmas Cards

You've got a lot going on, and gathering everyone for a Christmas card photo session is so not happening. A card with multiple photos or a timeline/letter card is perfect. Use the best photos you have and focus on one child, or one activity, at a time.

The Believer

Religious Christmas Cards

You'd rather not sort through the Santas and snowflakes to find the cards that say what you want to say. Our collection of religious Christmas cards puts them all in one place for you.

The Trendsetter

Unique Christmas Cards

You live to be first, the one who always sends the cutest cards, the WOW cards, the Christmas cards that everyone will be copying next year. Our Golden Pears™ holiday cards are specially marked, just for you.

The Cook

Recipe Christmas Cards

You're a foodie and have lots of foodie friends. Our Holiday Recipe Photo Cards let you share a recipe right inside your Christmas card, like a little gift. We also have recipe card inserts you can order separately to tuck inside any card.

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